Discover your path to wellness

You’re here because you’re ready to uncover what’s inside your heart and truly be yourself. It’s time for you to feel sublime and leave behind:
• Constant fatigue
• Feeling stuck or unfulfilled
• Lack of clarity about your life goals
• Holding stress in your body
• Always prioritising others over yourself
• Struggling to balance your responsibilities
• Having trouble sleeping

At Sublime Healing Pathways, we are dedicated to supporting you on your healing journey. Whether you need guidance, support, or resources, we can help you find and choose your way to make positive changes. Together, we’ll work towards your sublime physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Our holistic approach

The holistic approach to healing considers the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Each of these aspects cannot be separated – my goal is to assist you towards achieving balance and harmony. Experience the relaxing and restorative effects of
Reiki on its own or in combination with tools and strategies designed to address body, mind and spirit. Reap the ongoing benefits of becoming more in tune with your inner wisdom and making informed choices about what you need for overall well-being.

Our holistic healing practice can assist you to: –
Relax your body, easing pain and tension 
Relieve fatigue and promote restful sleep
Regain balance through emotional release
Strengthen your natural self-healing processes
Relieve stress and relax your mind
Gain clarity, focus and purpose
Make the changes you decide are needed

At Sublime Healing Pathways we don’t tell you what to do – we help you to discover what you’d like to change. Then we provide ways to support you to make those changes.
Experience the benefits of the energy healing of Reiki; Reiki together with Holistic Counselling; or Holistic Counselling.
Reiki Courses – Sublime Healing Pathways also offers comprehensive Reiki training, in Thirroul, Wollongong – learn Reiki for your own self-healing and spiritual development, go on to be a Reiki Practitioner or make a further commitment to teach others.
Restore with a Reiki treatment single session or package of three
Book an introductory session of Reiki combined with Holistic Counselling OR Holistic Counselling
Join with others in a training course – learn the spiritual healing system of Reiki;
 If you’d like to learn varied meditation styles and relaxation breathing techniques, there’s our Meditation Taster Course for individuals, groups or community organisations.
We also run workshops with a holistic approach to personal development.
We’re located in Thirroul, Wollongong.
Your health and safety is important to us. We are following current Australian Government and NSW Health Department guidelines for COVID-19 safe premises and hygiene control

Our workshops & Healing sessions

The Art of Intuition Workshop – January 2023

Held in the tranquil, inspirational space of the yurt in Austinmer…..

Reiki Treatment Sessions held in the Illawarra

Sandon Point Bulli - Looking out to reflect

“I noticed a peace and calmness in my friend after her Reiki treatments with Nancie – I wanted to feel that too. Reiki helped to deeply relax me and clear my mind. I felt back in balance afterwards. 

Nancie has a gentle manner and really takes time to listen to you and suggest helpful strategies.”

Lorraine, Wollongong