Her life-experience and healing journey of self-discovery are behind Nancie’s passion and commitment to sharing her skills, experience and wisdom. She is there to shine a light on the way ahead and for you to discover your own pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and fulfillment.

If you’re reading this – you’re ready for change! Welcome, and may your journey begin.


Have you ever started something, and then let it lapse? Life takes over, and your path starts to deviate. Many twists and turns later you find the path that is true for you. This represents my Reiki Journey. I fell in love with Reiki after a bitter and messy divorce and found it a great daily self-healing practice, but sadly I let it slip.

Being a single parent, I got caught in the trap of putting my needs last. I’m sure many of you can connect to this. Sometimes life hits you hard, forcing you off your path. It wasn’t until I ‘hit the wall’, when I was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR), that I had no choice but to find a better way – one that nurtured me. Years of stress had taken its toll, overloading my adrenal system, triggering the onset of PMR.  My first marriage had been scarred by domestic violence, and my self-esteem was at an all- time low. I was great at putting on a good front, but my self-doubt was bubbling up. Just when I thought I was at a my lowest, I was dealt another blow when my parents and youngest brother died within a two-year period. It was time to put my needs first and foremost.

I was treated with medication and physiotherapy, yet recovery was very slow. A friend recommended her remedial massage therapist, Graeme, also a Reiki Practitioner – what a godsend! Regular massage helped with the residual muscular effects of PMR, but it was the Reiki that initiated the emotional release of all the bottled-up grief and emotions around my losses. The combined therapies helped me to recover, no longer needing to rely on pills. Reiki is an amazing system of healing that works on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. 

I have a huge gratefulness to Graeme for ‘bringing me back home to Reiki’ and reminding me of how I can self-heal.

I then jumped in with both feet, and completed my Reiki studies in the lead up to retirement from my teaching career. But this time, I put my learning into practice, spurring me to establish Sublime Healing Pathways to work with others on their healing journey. Teaching is ‘in my blood’, so little wonder that I continued my training in teaching Reiki under the mentorship of Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, Louise Ryder.

I love learning so much that I expanded my qualifications to include meditation teaching and holistic counselling. 

It’s wonderful to be part of the Thirroul community, the place my partner Greg and I decided to call home. I’m blessed with a full and happy life. My family, friends, Reiki, Sublime Healing Pathways, connection to local community, poetry writing, choir, meditation, music, dance, yoga and swimming are my keystones to fulfillment. I’m living true to my heart. I am passionate in helping people ‘live’ their truth and to share the gift of Reiki with them.