courses and workshops

LEARN the spiritual healing system of Reiki

JOIN one of our workshops for the enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being

LEARN the basics of meditation for relaxation and stress relief


REIKI I – for self-healing, and for working with family and friends

REIKI II – to deepen your practice with the option of becoming a Reiki Practitioner

REIKI III –  Master Practitioner and Teacher level


We offer a variety of workshops that are designed to develop your awareness of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being and how each of these can influence the way you live. Exploration around a theme will form the foundation of each workshop. Themes may include: self-love, intuition, true self, true purpose, relationships, boundaries – to be explored through meditation, art, music, dance, journaling and  individual/paired /group activities.

Our courses create support networks where participants can connect and share their wisdom and journey together.

Further information and booking details on Workshops page. 


This session introduces you to a few styles of meditation and teaches breathing techniques to aid relaxation. 

See Meditation Page for further information